Maze Game 5

Are you searching a funny and entertaining game that can kill the boredom? Well, you have found it. Maze Game 5 is the one game that can be played online and which will definitely bring you and to your friends a lot of fun or a lot of nightmares, and this depends entirely on how tough you are. This game was developed by Razoric and inspired by The Maze game. It is quite a great game for those that know how to get scared and make fun of this. Undoubtedly, Maze Game 5 is not a game that can be played by those that have heart diseases or can get scared easily.

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How to play Maze Game 5

As well as the other Scary Maze games, this one is also a simple one to play. The entire game can be controlled with the help of the mouse. The plot is simple: you, actually your character that is a black colored dot, must go through some mazes. There are several levels, and each of them has a different form for the maze. You have a start point and you must go through the maze in order to reach the finish point.

An extra attention that must be paid during the game is for the walls. You must be very careful at the walls as if you touch them you are going to be sent back at the start point of the first level, no matter at which level you were. The game is on a grey to black font, and the finish point is represented by a red spot. When you will reach the red spot you will be automatically directed towards the next level of the game. As it was mentioned this game is extremely easy and simple for anyone.

The first level is the easiest one. The maze is huge, so at the beginning of it you have enough space to move. However, once you go deeper the space for you to move will be limited so you must be very careful not to touch the walls, if you don’t want to start the game again. Once you will finish the first level you will be sent to the second level, which has a snake form or something similar. The point is that the second level seems to be a bit more difficult than the first one. As at the first level, the finishing point is represented by a red spot. For reaching that spot you must go through the entire maze without touching the walls.


The third level is the most difficult one. The maze is quite complicated and you will need a complete concentration in order to finish the level. If you want to reach the finishing point you must pay a lot of attention and to be extremely focused on the road. Everything is complicated about the third maze, but if you manage to finish it without touching the walls you will probably have part of a major surprise. Indeed, there are huge chances that the surprise will not completely delight it but think that you will share it with your friends. They will not be delighted either, but you will be a lot.

Maze Game 5 the game is an exceptional one. You can develop your skills of handling the mouse, you will have to focus beyond limits for not touching the walls, and the final surprise will put your heart at test. Unless you are a scary person, you will undoubtedly enjoy this little online game. There are lots of fans of this game that really enjoy the plot of it.


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