Maze Game

Maze game is a game of skills and patience. You have to focus a lot while playing this game, but the funny part will undoubtedly come, sooner or later. This is an incredible game that is extremely popular amid the teens and not only. There are many players scattered in the entire world that enjoy each second of the game. Incredible or not, the game itself looks quite simple, but the truth is different.

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As much as you want to finish it as much you will drive in different obstacles that will make you to retake the game from the start. Everything that this game has to offer is enjoyable and entertaining. This is a game that should not remain only in closed circles, but a game that must be spread. You and you friends can have part of a lot of fun playing it.

Maze game levels

The game has only 4 levels. They are few indeed, but also they are enough to make you be amused by it. Each level has a different difficulty, a new shape of the maze and probably a huge surprise for the gamers. The levels have shapes of letters or curves. The first level is easy but when you will reach higher levels it will become more difficult. One thing that worth’s to be mentioned is the sole rule of the game.

When you have to go through the mazes you must be careful not to touch the walls of the mazes. If you touched them you will be send automatically back at the first level, and this thing has nothing to do with the level on which you are in that moment. Whether you are at the second one or at the last one, you will still be send back at the beginning of the first level. So, make sure that this thing will not happen to you, too.

How to control the Maze game

This game is extremely easy to control. All you have to do is to go through all the levels. Each level is characterized by a maze of a different shape. Through that shape you must control your character, which happens to have the form of a ball, with the mouse. The mouse is the only tool that you need for keeping up with the plot of the game. If you are skillful enough you will manage to go through all the mazes without touching the walls.


The surprise offered by the Maze Game

The surprise will be displayed on your computer’s screen when you expect less. Do not think that you will get fireworks or flowers for finishing the game. Actually, the surprise is more than this. On your screen will appear the scary image of a bloody zombie. It is pretty cool actually, except the fact that more than probably the image and it’s suddenly appearance will make you wet your pants. It is recommended not to play this game if you have heart disorders or to play it into a dark room. This is only for not breaking the stuffs from your room.

Maze Game is an entertaining game that can bring to the players a lot of funny moments; probably this is why it is so popular amid online gamers. The game can be played for free, and on some computers is requiring a flash player in order to being able to play it. Undoubtedly, the game will offer you some outstanding moments that you will remember the rest of your life. Share this game with your friends for even funnier moments.

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