Scary Maze 5

New Year Scary Maze Game –  Scary Maze 5 is a special release made by Scary Maze Game site.  The game was released in the month of Santa Claus, December 2012. Let’s say that it is a nice surprise for the bad kids. As you can imagine, the game has a spectacular surprise at the finish. The developers of the game had given their best in order to enhance the game. Now, this game is more than perfect for all those that like scary games. You will be pleasantly surprised of how fantastic this game is. New Year Maze Game will offer you a new and terrifying experience.

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Levels of New Year Scary Maze Game –  Scary Maze 5

The game is simple. You are a dot of a pink color that must go through a maze up to where is written FINISH. The first level has the form of a Christmas tree with globes. If you touch one of them you will have to remake the level. The funniest part of this game is that when you touch a wall, Santa Claus will appear on the screen alongside a reindeer and he will ask you to start over again the game. Actually, the message is YOU FAILED and you didn’t get my present.

The second level of the game has two globes within you must go through without touching them. As you can imagine, your character is that of a pink dot and unless you manage to reach the line on which is written FINISH you will not be able to finish the game and to have part of the surprise that Santa had prepared for you. As well as in the first level you must take care and not to touch the walls as you will be sent at the start of the first level.

The third level brings you the Santa Claus itself. In order to grab that most wanted surprise you must reach Santa Claus’s bag. Otherwise, you will get no present, which is lame considering that Santa always offers presents. Like in the previous two articles your character will be a pink dot that must go through a maze, at this level it has the form of Santa, and reach the finish line. However, during your passing through the maze you must not touch the walls, no matter what. If you touch the walls, you will have to start the game again from the first level.


Now, the third level is the surprise level. Make sure that your sound is onand you pay attention at the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the Santa’s surprise completely. Once your character will reach the bag with the presents that the Santa has on its back, you will get part of the best surprise you’ve ever had on Christmas. You will not be surprised, but scared. Everything at this game will scare you so bad that will make you want to share it further, with your friends.

During the game your concentration will be at maximum, but as it was mentioned above the game is quite simple. The levels are not too difficult to finish and before you notice you already grabbed the Santa’s present. You can easily control the game with the help of the mouse. You will not need the help of other keyboards, only the mouse. Also, this game can be downloaded or played online. If you own a blog or a web site you can even post it there to entertain the visitors, or to piss them off. The fact is that this game worth to be played.

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