Scary Maze Game 6

This is a flash game or you can say better a labyrinth game. These kinds of games are extremely popular amid the teens. They are playing it and share it further. After all, the Scary Maze Game 6 is a fun and entertaining game. This game is an easy one. Still, it is also a good one because it is capable of making teens to focus and to develop some skills that are necessary in the life. However, you must be really careful with this game, especially if you have heart disorders. The game’s purpose is to scare you until you run screaming.

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Exactly as in the previous Scary Maze games this one has simple and easy to follow rules. Your character, which in this game happens to be a colored ball, will have to go through different labyrinths for reaching the next level. The labyrinth is pretty short so it will not take you a lot of time to go through it. Also, the game requires only the support of the mouse. You do not have to make clicks or to use any keys from your keyboard. It is very simple.

You may take this as an advertisement. Each time you touch the walls from the maze you will be sent immediately to the start of the first level. It will not matter if you are at the last level. If you touch even for a bit one wall you will have to start over again.

Scary Maze Game 6 levels

The game has more levels than the previous ones. There are 5 levels and if you manage to finish all of them you will get part of a scary bonus level, which will be the entertainer of the entire game. The levels are pretty easy to finish at the beginning, but once you upgrade they will become more difficult. Also, you must not forget to stay focused all the time because you never know what might happen! There is a high chance of something interesting to be displayed on your screen.

The first level has the shape of the S letter. It is easy to go through this maze, but you still have to be careful not to touch the walls.

The second level is a bit more difficult than the first one. It has the shape of M letter and from this level on you really must be careful not to touch the walls because you will have to go back to the first one.

The third level brings more challenges than the first two ones. It has the shape of multiple curves that will make your walk more difficult than ever. Make sure not to go back to the first level.

The fourth level is becoming harder as well as the final level, the fifth one. You will have to go through the mazes of both levels without touching the walls, otherwise all the work you had done until that point will be in vain.

About the bonus level there are no words to say. As a passionate player of maze games you will have to discover this on your own.

Scary Maze Game 6 is an incredible game that will make you concentrate as much as possible. Even if, more than probably it will not be a real pleasure being scared by that nasty image, it will undoubtedly offer you a great entertaining when you will convince your friends to play it.

This game can kill all the boring that you have to face daily. You will enjoy each second spent in playing it.

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