Scary Maze Game 5

Scary Maze 5 is making part of the epic series of Maze games. There are many of these games, but this Scary Maze Game is differencing through quality, sound and video effects. This is an epic game. It pretty boring at the beginning but without a doubt it will surprise you at the end. This game is extremely popular in the entire world. There are many teens that had become addicted to this game and as the word is spreading fast, now the game has millions of players in the entire world.

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The scenario of the game seems simple. Actually, the game itself is simple. There are no instructions and only one simple rule: do not touch the walls. Everything else remains to the player. The game can be totally controlled only with the mouse. It is harder than it seems. You must take care to do not touch the walls because if this thing happens you will have to take the level from the very start.

You will be a pink point that moves through some sort of labyrinth with the sole purpose of getting out of it. When you will manage to get to the end of the labyrinth you will be able to go to the next level. Each level is more difficult than the previous one, so you will actually have a hard time trying to finish the game.


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The levels of Scary Maze 5

There are four levels that must be completed by the gamer in order to finish the game. For each level you have a new shape for the labyrinth.

In the first level, you can go through the labyrinth quite easily. However, you must be careful not to touch the walls.

The second level is a bit more difficult than the previous one as the shape of the labyrinth is changing. Also, you must be careful not to touch the walls because you will have to return at the beginning of the level.

The third level has medium difficulty, just like scary maze game 2.  It is not too hard but also not too easy. The path is quite wide so you have enough space to move.

Finally, the last level is quite creepy. After you manage to go through the labyrinth a while you will get part of an unexpected surprise. The screen will display a scary image of a dead person or something like this. The point is that will scare the hell out of you.

This is definitely not a game for those that have issues with the heart. If you think that the game is easy to finish you are more than wrong. It is indeed easy to go through all the levels but you will never get to end the last one. This is because you will have to deal with that scary image (& scary sound) . Actually, when in your front will suddenly appear that image the game will come to an end.


This is indeed an entertaining game. There are many teens that are playing it for fun or they are trying to convince their friends to play it, for having fun of them. It is not a surprise that despite of being such a simple game, it still has so many teens addicted of it. Tons of online games are very simple but yet very fun and addicting. you may try Vex 3 for example.

Scary Maze 5 is a simple and funny game. It can be easily controlled only with the help of the mouse. Through the paths from the labyrinth you get to move with the mouse. You will not regret if you try to play this game at least once.

I already finished the game. what’s now?

You have a few possibilities:

1. Share this game with your friends & family 🙂

2. Play the original Scary Maze Game here .

3. Play the next version – scary maze game 6 .


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